The Journey Of May!

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May 2020 was a good month to me. I discovered certain things I never would’ve if it weren’t for this path. I friended fellow bloggers, I am yet to guest blog on some blogs, and I am yet to allow guest posts on mine. Yes, I will credit you and your site below your guest post and tag you on my blog’s instagram page.

I discovered too that, blogging is entirely an art and consumes much time, if you don’t feed it, you won’t get your expectations to the fullest. One thing is that I published 16 posts in May! Awesome right?!

Did you also know that I started blogging last month, which was April 14th, a week after my birthday? Well, next month, 14th June, Charlie Blogs turns 2 months old. I wouldn’t have been this successful if it weren’t for my viewers and subscribers. I was motivated each day by just seeing my daily views maintain a steady balance of views from citizens of different countries. All I want to say is thank you, I hope you’ll join me in my journey through June as it’ll be more exciting!

Have a good day! Stay Safe, Take Care….June awaits!

Girl Child And Schooling?

I don’t really know about other countries but in Africa, most children who were girls (in the past) were never allowed access to education. Their usual duties was to take care of the house and take care of younger siblings. Yeah, unnecessary work on girls! It wasn’t fair, boys had the privilege and were mostly seen as breadwinners-to-be in their families.

In modern times, Girls are allowed access to schools and then grow up to become doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers and many others to come. Not to mean the opposite but this has effects on them, especially how they will handle their children in the future.

When they grow up (that is the girl child), she will have the mindset that she has to become successful and not rely solely on her husband in the future. True!, but the husband would also have to work. Who’s gonna watch the kids?

Most children have grown emotionally depressed, irresponsible, careless and others, just to name a few, due to less time parents will have with their children. You can’t just hire someone with a beautiful CV to ‘’nanny’’ your children. That’s not his or her child!, so she wouldn’t guide with the needed guidance.

I’m not saying females don’t have to attend schools to set their future right, I’m rather saying that whiles girls go to school, they have to be educated to be there always and when needed for their children. I have a friend in my class, a boy, his mom is like no other I’ve seen before! (Wait, wait….my mom is perfect for me too). She treats him like a prized baby she won from a contest, she’s a single parent as well, according to what I heard.

If most mothers did this, children wouldn’t grow to be irresponsible and ungrateful. You also have to listen to everything your child has to say, whether meaningful or not in order to build a strong relationship with him or her, or else friends would be his primary source of people he or she will confide in. You may be the third, research and social media will be on top of you!

Thank you for reading! If you liked this, kindly share with a mother or two, it will help them out. If you have any suggestions or questions, I’m ever ready to assimilate and respond. I hope you come back for more….

Have A Good Day.

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